Conventionally, Worm reduction gear sets have always been made on dedicated gear hobbing / shaping machines using dedicated tooling & cutters. These machines are excellent for mass production of gear sets. However, small companies can not afford to invest in these machines especially if their core product is something other than gear manufacture.

Due to the wide spread usage of 4 and 5 axis VMC’s & turning centers with C & Y axis, it is now possible, with the right software, to make any worm reduction gear set.

There is no need for any special tooling or cutters, all that is required is a standard end mill. Manufacture of large size gears is possible on relatively small multi axis VMC’s & Turning Centers with C & Y axis. Hence even mass production costs for larger gear sets actually work out cheaper by this novel method of manufacture!

Furthermore, in the case of special components, the gear profile can be machined as part of the component itself, especially on a CNC lathe with C & Y axis, along with the other turning operations! No need to machine splines / keyways or fasten the gear on to your driving / driven shaft.

Our service is aimed at those machine shops that do not have gear hobbing machines & thread whirling machines, but own 4 & 5 axis VMC's or CNC turning centers / CNC lathes with C & Y axis.

This is an ideal method of manufacture of Prototypes, small / medium batches, replacements etc. The tool paths are extremely accurate & optimised for maximum productivity, keeping the cutter engaged with the component with minimum air cutting.

Our service is aimed at those machine shops that do not have gear hobbing machines & thread whirling machines, but own 4 & 5 axis VMC's.

Our method of manufacture involves ‘swarf’ cutting (the diameter of the tools generates the desired profile as per the figure below). The advantage of this system is that the tip of the tool (red portion) does the roughing operation (equal to depth of cut per pass) while the portion above the tip of the same tool (green portion) does finishing of the profile, by removing a minute portion of material left behind in the previous pass, by the red portion of the tip of the tool. This is possible due to the involute profile of the Worm wheel teeth. Hence by simultaneously using different parts of the same tool for roughing & finishing operations, the cycle time is minimized. Also, a slight amount of wear that typically occurs on the tip of the cutter does not affect the profile. Similarly, slight error in Z offset of the tool does not affect the profile.

The corner radius that is inherent in the process of hobbing can also be replicated by using an end mill cutter with suitable corner radius as per the figure below.

Worm Gear Milling on CNC Machines, Worm Gear Manufacturers,  Worm Reduction Gears

Our method of tool path generation is directly created from the raw data like center distance, ratio, module, Diameteral factor & cutter diameter. We do not first create the profile & use a CAM post processors to generate the profile. Hence, there are no losses in accuracy due to conversions in CAD formats etc. We have developed our own software that creates very accurate tool paths & we only simulate the tool paths to verify the result.

We are offering any of the following services for Worm wheel & Worm shaft manufacture on VMC.

1) Worm wheel profile defined as points in Excel / Text format.
2) Worm wheel / Worm shaft profile defined as surface in IGES format
3) Part program in G codes required to manufacture the Worm wheel (4 axis) / Worm shaft (5 Axis)
4) 3D Simulation of the machining as above with IGES file of machined component.
5) Physical manufacture of the components / prototypes.

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